Australia’s bushfires leave trail of death and destruction

The fires, which stretch across 210 kms (130 miles), broke out on Wednesday in heatwave conditions and quickly burnt across farmlands, forcing residents to flee and others to frantically try and save their homes and livestock.

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Fourteen bushfires burning across southern Australia have killed two people, thousands of animals, and destroyed 16 homes, and authorities on Thursday said they feared the toll could rise.

Adelaide (Australia) (AFP) – More than 30 homes are feared destroyed as firefighters battle an out-of-control bushfire in the state of South Australia, Adult porn annl hardcore with officials warning Sunday that lives are in danger even as weather conditions improve.

Several fast-moving blazes, sparked by lightning, were burning around Esperance some 750 kilometres (450 miles) southeast of Perth, with hundreds of firemen working round the clock in searing temperatures to put out the first serious fires ahead of the Australian summer.

“Sadly, police have confirmed four fatalities,” state Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner Wayne Gregson said, adding that two women and two men, in two separate cars, died trying to escape the flames.

Perth (Australia) (AFP) – At least four people died in bushfires raging out of control in parts of Western Australia, authorities said Wednesday, with a shocked local community lamenting the “day from hell”.

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