How did Mohanlal get his name? The actor reveals secret behind his name

So whose concept was it to name the Malayalam’s favorite superstar ‘Mohanlal’?

It is the same person who named his brother ‘Pyarelal’. It was his nice grandfather on the maternal side, the star revealed during an interview to journalist A. Chandrasekhar.

The interview is now available as a book named ‘Mohanaragangal’.

These are the questions posed to him about his name within the interview.

Allow us to start with your name. Unusual in Kerala, it was inspired by the name of the father of the nation. What effect has it had in your personal/skilled life?

“It has had no negative effect. As you stated, Mohanlal was a rare name those days. I have requested my father and mom about it. My great grandfather gave me that name. Names like Mohanlal and Pyarelal were taken from the times of our freedom struggle. It is part of my destiny now. Even when it was uncommon, father and mom didn’t object to it when my nice grandfather selected it. That truth they did not object it in itself is a big deal.”

“I never had a problem in school or college because of the name. Only a handful used to call me so. Family members called me Lalu. Then it turned Lalettan… which has a hoop to it… like Yesudas grew to become Dasettan. Had I been named something else, Lalettan would not have happened. So I suppose that name has helped me immensely.”

Hasn’t it helped create an acceptance past barriers of area and language?

“Nobody prompt a name change once I entered the film world. Just a few call me Mohan. Lal is easy on the tongue. So most of them called me that and the name stuck. It created an identification unattached to a tag like Malayali, Tamizhan, Telugu or North Indian. My brother’s name was Pyarelal, once more a uncommon one down south. It might have come from the Lakshmikanth-Pyarelal combination.”

“Having mentioned all that, it’s still a mystery to me. Because naming a child has its importance. To name someone from Ilanthur Punnakkal, near Omallur, Pathanamthitta, Mohanlal is indeed a curious case. But it is not a concern until it creates problems in life. For me, it helped carry my fame forward.”

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