Often It Is Simple to Install A Car Radio Yourself And This Article Teaches You How You Can Do It

radio einbautippsBefore you begin to set up your radio, you should read the installation directions in the guide well. Pay special attention to the recommended instrument. Because if you’ve already begun with the installation and then determines an important special tool is missing, that’s more than annoying.

In Audi, VW and Opel, the pin assignment of permanent and switching plus is often reversed. For your new vehicle radio to operate correctly, you must alter the pin assignment. To do this, replace pin 4 with pin 7 to the ISO power plug. If you’ve got a very old car then you may have to plug an adapter between the cabling. To switch from the older 150 ohm antenna input, also called DIN, to some 50 ohm ISO antenna connection, you need the right adapter, such as this one for Autoradio Einbau Tipps example.

Now carefully pull on the tool. The older car radio is currently slipping out of control. Slowly pull the radio out of the middle console, taking extra care not to rip any wires. Then disconnect all links from the old radio. Do not ruin themas they will need the cables . Take now a flat screwdriver and eliminate the mounting frame of the older car radio in the tray. To do so, fold up all of the metal tabs so that you can then remove the frame.

The pins for the mounting clips aren’t always included with the car radio. Normally different pins are essential to open the holder for each manufacturer, this serves the theft protection. If you bought the car radio without the pins for the mount, you can order them from the manufacturer. Alternatively, have the auto radio installed at a workshop.

For some radios this is achieved via the antenna output. If the radio does not have it (so it is”passive”), then you may even use a special adapter plug in here. If you have any kind of questions relating to where and exactly how to use Autoradio Einbau Tipps, you could call us at our webpage. In principle, it works with no. If you look after those things beforehand, everything will be a lot easier to do afterwards.

How to remove the old car radio. Before you can set up the new car stereo, you should remove the old radio.

Before you can set up the new radio, the old device must be removed. Most manufacturers offer the essential tools together with the buy. However, if you can not find it, this isn’t a big obstacle. Just go to your dealership. They build the older radio with a couple of simple actions. Regardless of who eliminates the radio, you should then make sure that the connection wires don’t disappear in the slotmachine, since you still need them.

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